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    Kunshan Seas Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-tech equipment, provide digital manufacturing solutions, technical support and services in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. In particular, 3D non-contact scanning, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering.
   Our company is located in Tsinghua Science Park , Kunshan. And has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an.
   Our company has professional technical team, we can provide all type of scanners researched by German GOM company, Breuckmann non-contact type white light 3D scanner researched by Germany Borko Man to customers,and all type of rapid prototyping machine domestic and abroad, We can also provide PolyWorks software used in dealing and inspecting point cloud data. and so on. Our company products are mainly used in CAV/CAD, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and mould etc.
Contact:Mr. Xu 13584981144  Fax:0512-55171609
Address:Zu Road, Kunshan City, 1666 Technology Building Room 112-203
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