Kunshan Seas Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-tech equipment, provide digital manufacturing solutions, technical support and services in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. In particular, 3D non-contact scanning, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering.
   Our company is located in Tsinghua Science Park , Kunshan. And has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi\'an.
   Our company has professional technical team, we can provide all type...[Detailed]

Contact: Mr. Xu 135-8498-1144
Fax: 0512-55171609
Address: Zu Road, Kunshan 1666 Technology Building Room 112-203
SLA iPro9000
SLA iPro9000
SLA iPro8000
SLA iPro8000
ProJet 1500
ProJet 1500
Z Printer 350
Z Printer 350
Weber Motor GmbH
Weber Motor GmbH

ATOS Triple Scan 12M Announced…

The proven and established ATOS Triple Scan series has now been extended wit…[Detailed]

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KunShan Sea Technology Co.,Ltd formally launched the new website, please visit

KunShan Sea TechnologySea Technology

advanced company dedicating manufacturing equipment research…


Awards and praise from the community and the public is inseparable from the people of all waters…

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We introduce foreign advanced digital technology, combined with a wealth of experience and constantly…

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provide staff with not only a job, but growing…

Contact:Mr. Xu 13584981144  Fax:0512-55171609
Address:Zu Road, Kunshan City, 1666 Technology Building Room 112-203
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